#19. Multiscale Mechanics of Fibrous Materials


  • H. HATAMI-MARBINI, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA (hatami@uic.edu)
  • R.C. PICU, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA


An interconnected network of fibers forms the solid skeleton of many biological and nonbiological materials such as the extracellular matrix of soft tissues, the cytoskeleton of cells, paper products and various types of non-wovens. The behavior of these materials is defined by that of the individual fibers, their particular arrangement and mutual interactions within the network and with the interstitial material. Identifying the relationship between the structure and properties of these materials is of importance for the understanding of existing fibrous materials and for the design of new materials.

The objective of this symposium is to provide a platform for mechanicians, experimentalists and materials researchers working in this area to share their recent findings on the unique properties of fibrous materials. The response of these systems at all length scales, ranging from molecular to macro scale, and the relation between the mechanical response and microstructural features are emphasized. Discrete level simulations, the development of continuum models that capture the global response while being informed by the subscales, statistical methods, and multiphysics aspects are all of interest in this context.

Specific subjects include, but are not limited to, tissue mechanics, paper and textile mechanics, non-wovens, polymer networks and gels, the cellular cytoskeleton and suspensions rheology.