#9. Integrated Multiscale/Multiphysics Modeling of Structural Materials


  • Liang Qi, University of Michigan, USA
  • Katsuyo Thornton, University of Michigan, USA
  • Mohammadreza Yaghoobi, University of Michigan, USA
  • John Allison, University of Michigan, USA (johnea@umich.edu)


Integrated multiscale/multiphysics modeling has become a foundational tool for the advancement of materials discovery, development, and engineering. Structural materials have been a key testbed for these tools, and the intention is for this symposium to provide a forum for discussing state-of-the art characterization and property evaluation tools adopting multiscale/multiphysics approaches as well as the application and integration of these tools for the design and analysis of structural materials.

This symposium is open to all contributors.

A special focus will be to highlight collective integration efforts made possible through Centers and large groups. The symposium will provide a forum to enable cross-fertilization of these efforts. A key component of the symposia session(s) that highlight centers focusing on integrated computational materials engineering around the world. In addition, sessions will be developed that focus on technical accomplishments in areas such as microstructure evolution and mechanical behavior.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
• Predictions of microstructure evolutions
• Multiscale simulations of deformation defects, damage, fracture and fatigue
• Predictions of mechanical behavior of materials with complex microstructures & complex compositions
• Predictions of corrosion and/or irradiation resistance
• Integration of experiments with multi-scale modeling
• Data-driven material design, machine learning, surrogate models

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

• Somnath Ghosh (Johns Hopkins University, United States)
• Peter Gumbsch (Franhoefer Institut fur Werkstoffmechanik, Germany)
• Javier LLorca (Polytechnic University of Madrid / IMDEA Materials Institute, Spain)
• K.T. Ramesh (Johns Hopkins University, United States)