#15. Modeling and Design of Architected Materials


  • Stavros Gaitanaros, Johns Hopkins University (stavrosg@jhu.edu)
  • Jamie Guest, Johns Hopkins University


One of the most promising recent developments in materials science and engineering is the concept of exploiting “architecture” ─ the combination of topology, solid distribution, and base material behavior ─ as a means to generate materials with unprecedented combinations of effective properties. Rigorous design frameworks of architected materials require predictive models that span multiple length-scales, from the microstructure of the solid constituent(s) to the mesoscale topology of the architected material, in order to accurately capture macroscopic properties at the component level.

This symposium will discuss the latest advances in computational design and modeling of architected materials.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Multiscale material-structure design algorithms (topology, shape, and parametric optimization)
• Modeling of mechanical and acoustic metamaterials
• Modeling of hierarchical and bioinspired materials
• Modeling of multifunctional architected materials
• Nonlinear mechanics and failure of architected materials

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

• Markus Buehler (MIT, USA)
• Damiano Pasini (McGill University, Canada)
• Thomas Siegmund (Purdue, USA)