#27. The Physics of Metal Plasticity: A memorial symposium in honor of Professor Hussein Zbib


  • Tariq Khraishi, University of New Mexico (khraishi@unm.edu)
  • Anter El-Azab, Purdue University
  • Sinisa Mesarovic, Washington State University
  • Niaz Abdolrahim, University of Rochester
  • Mu'Tasem Shehadeh, American University of Beirut


This symposium is in honor of all the scholarly work of Professor Hussein Zbib who passed away unexpectedly in 2020. Dr Zbib had a profound impact on the field of metal plasticity as he contributed to dozens of works (books, chapters, reports and of course journal and conference papers) on the theory, modeling/simulations and experimentation in this field. In the process, and during Dr Zbib’s illustrious academic career, he has advised and mentored dozens of graduate students (both Masters and PhDs) and post-docs. Throughout his career, Dr. Zbib was innovative, originating models in seminal papers that anticipated areas of growth and interest. These include strain-gradient plasticity, discrete dislocation dynamics, multiscale modeling, dislocation theory (including Somigliana dislocations, and not just Volterra dislocations), and nanoscale plasticity. His work was published in the journals of Nature, Act Materialia, Scripta Metallurgica, Int. J. Solids and Structures, Int. J. Plasticity, Physical Review, Philosophical Magazine, etc. It garnered thousands of citations. This Symposium, which is by invitation only, focuses on the breadth of multi-scale physics (linear and non-linear mechanics problems, including defect problems, single and poly-crystalline materials, failure and fracture phenomena, fundamental theory of dislocations/defects, etc.) that challenged Dr Zbib in his career.

The symposium will be followed by a special issue (SI) of the Journal of Materials Science (JMS) by Springer. The submission of papers for the SI will take place in 2023.


Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
• Irene Beyerlein (University of California, Santa Barbara, United States)
• Mark Horstemeyer (Liberty University, United States)
• Aaron Kohnert (Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States)
• Jian Wang (University of Nebraska - Lincoln, United States)